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Best Leaky Gut Doctors In Australia

This article covers the list of best leaky gut doctors in Australia. Doctors who provide consultation and treatment for the leaky gut syndrome. The leaky gut syndrome is a very common issue these days. Due to the bad eating habits and increasing cravings of junk food in the young generation, gut issues are increasing in our generation. It has been increasing the need of having a great number of gut doctors to guide and consult people.

Gut doctors and Naturopathic doctors help people to bring changes in their dietary habits and lifestyle in order to improve their gut health and depression. The need to focus on gut health has multiplied over the last decade. Australia has been producing a good number of doctors to deal with the increasing gut health issue.

As we know that the term leaky gut is not accepted by many doctors because they find it technically wrong, so the number of doctors dealing with leaky gut directly is lower than others. The leaky gut syndrome is known as increased intestinal permeability and doctors recognize it by this term. The leaky gut is characterized by food allergies and auto-immune disorders. Many doctors treat these two issues and call leaky gut syndrome the symptom of these issues. The leaky gut syndrome is increasing fast in Australia.

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Matt Douglas:

Matt Douglas is a Naturopathic Doctor with an experience of over 15 years. He is specialized in the files of digestive health including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other chronic conditions of the gut like leaky gut syndrome. Matt Douglas analyses the symptoms of bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and GORD by functional gut testing to identify the root cause of the issue.

He has of years of experience in treating the gut issues and it made him believe that no two people share the same symptoms. Similarly, the causes and other researches on gut issues usually disagree. In the case of the gut, scientists hardly come on one page. That is why it is really necessary to evaluate the symptoms of each patient in detail and create an individualized plan for him.

Matt has established the Digestive Wellness Clinic to help all the people who are suffering from gut issues and they do not find the right doctor to elaborate on their symptoms. Matt has a passion to help the patients restore their digestive wellness naturally. He has an aim to guide people to live a better life by following natural treatments and nutrition.

Matt believes in an individualized approach that is why he takes long and detailed patient histories before he jumps on any conclusion about their ailment. His focus is always on determining the root cause of the gut issue before he starts the naturopathic treatment. He believes in the case of any digestive symptom; we should immediately get the testing done. The right testing helps to identify the issue and a knowledgeable and experienced doctor helps to resolve the issues of your gut to make you live a healthy life. Matt is very passionate and he has been working for this cause for years.

Dr. Suhirdan Vivekanandarajah

Dr. Suhirdan Vivekanandarajah is an MBBS doctor from Australia. He is the leader of the team at Sydney Gut Clinic. He is a very dedicated and experienced doctor. Sheridan  has a special interest in gut health because he is a highly trained gastroenterologist. He has studied the gut in detail which helps him to understand the symptoms quite well.

He is currently performing the role of Associate at the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre in St. Vincent’s Clinic. He has graduated from the University of South Wales (UNSW), which indicates that he had the facilities of best research and education. He has an award of the best Clinical tutor in 2009.

Dr. Clare Wu (Yang Wu)

Dr. Clare Wu (Yang Wu) is a gastroenterologist from Australia. She is quite experienced and she has completed her training of endoscope under the leadership of renowned professor Michael Bourke at Westmead Hospital. Dr. Wu is great at research and she has featured her researched work in the Sessile Colonic Polyps in a very famous journal. She received her postgraduate fellowship at St. Vincent’s Hospital in 2017. Her focus of research for this endeavor was skin cancer and irritable bowel syndrome.

She is currently graduating in Ph.D. on the subject of Drug Level Monitoring in IBS. Dr. Wu has specialized in endoscopy which helps to view the gut condition.

She is also great at gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and polypectomy. She has a great work on gut health that is why she is a great option if you want to consult your leaky gut symptoms with any good gut doctor.

Dr. Rohan Gett

Dr. Rohan Gett is an experienced doctor who has graduated from the University of South Wales. He has done an internship at a reputed hospital which is Concord Hospital. Rohan Gett has a professional interest in gut surgeries. He has been associated with leading the Colorectal Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Moreover, he is the Director of Medical Student Education for the University of New South Wales and St Vincent’s Clinical School. Dr. Rohan is a great doctor for the gut due to his great experience and the consultations. He is also a member of the Sydney Gut Clinic.

Andrea Southern

Andrea Southern is a Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist which makes her a great choice if you are looking for a great doctor for your leaky gut. She emphasizes and believes that holistic health and prevention is very important. She believes that empowering patients is the first step to cure diseases.

So, whenever she consults a patient, her focus is that she makes them believe that they can cure themselves, not only this, she also focuses on identifying the underlying causes of disease. She has a great interest in natural medicines. So, she only prefers to give her clients natural treatments and medicines.

She is a fan of natural nutritional supplements, medicinal herbs, and flower essences which are a part of her treatment sessions. Her target is not limited to the recovery of the patient. Once the patient recovers, she starts focusing on how he can avoid and prevent any such issue in the future.

She has completed her Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine, and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, Brisbane. Not only this, but she is also now a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, Australia’s largest national professional association of natural medicine practitioners. Moreover, she is registered with all major health funds in Australia and health rebates are applicable. She is no doubt a great choice if you want a consultation on leaky gut.

Dr. Kathy O’Sullivan

Dr. Kathy is a General Practitioner who is a member of the Ubuntu Medical team. She specializes in integrative medicine and acupuncture. Kathy O’Sullivan has graduated from the University of Queensland with a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery.

She has her postgraduate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Medicine. Kathy O’Sullivan is a great choice for leaky gut Consultation because she is experienced and she can help you in getting natural treatment. As we all know, natural remedies and treatments are best for gut health. So, in order to recover from leaky gut, consult her for natural medicine as she specializes in it.

Dr. Arun Gupta

Dr. Arun Gupta is a graduate of MBBS who specializes in Gastroenterology. He is currently practicing at Canberra, Australia. He offers his patients a great treatment because he is quite empathetic and he listens to them carefully. Arun Gupta believes that listening to patients fully cures his ailment 50% because it helps him o diagnose accurately and provide accurate treatment.

Arun has studied medicine from the prestigious University of Melbourne. He also had training in gastroenterology from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Westhead Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. He has also worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in the United Kingdom working with Professor Simon Travis and Professor Satish Keshav. Here his prime focus was Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

He is also a member of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, the American Gastroenterology Association, and the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization. Arun Gupta is a great choice if you want a professional consultation on the leaky gut syndrome. He will help you identify the underlying causes and he can help you to eliminate the root cause of your bad gut health symptoms. So, you should choose him as your gut doctor.


Gut health is very important if one wants to spend a healthy life. A healthy life is necessary to enjoy the true essence of life. The junk food and bad eating habits in the present era have ruined gut health so much. Every second person us suffering from some gut issue. At such time, it is really important to know the gut specialists and doctors around you who can provide you the consultation and treatment for your gut issue. This article enlists such doctors.

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