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The reason for taking leaky gut healing supplements

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition in which the intestinal permeability increases to a toxic extent. Thus, the blood is filled with waste and undigested particles. It leads to many complications generated by the immune system’s response to these particles in the blood. That is why it becomes extremely important to deal with the leaky gut as soon as possible.

The best way to heal the leaky gut in the long term would always be improving your diet and adding the gut health foods in your diet. In addition to gut health foods, you might take supplements to improve the digestion, deal with nutritional deficiencies and heal your gut faster. The supplements for healing leaky gut can make your gut lining stronger and fill the nutritional gap created by the poor diet faster as compared to healthy food.

The absorbance rate of nutrients is slower in food. In case of incomplete digestion, the body cannot even assimilate all the nutrients in food. Leaky gut-healing supplements come to rescue in such conditions because they help to not improve the digestion for assimilating the food nutrients but also provide nutrients. The best time to take supplements and probiotics matter to get most benefits of it. Similarly, we have to take care of the intake quantity of the supplements and probiotics.

Best probiotics for leaky gut:

Best leaky gut Probiotics are good gut bacteria which have several roles in our gut health. Probiotics are great to limit the growth of bad gut microbes, including bad gut bacteria, candida and yeasts. They help to maintain the microbiome of the gut.

Moreover, they have a role in healing the inflammation in the gut lining. In leaky gut syndrome, probiotics help to eradicate the deficiency of the protein, which lead to an increase in gut permeability.

Timing: Best gut Probiotics can be consumed 20 min after a meal. The best way is to either take them in the morning or just before sleeping.

The recommended dose for probiotics: The recommended dose for probiotics is 10 million to 1 billion CFU/ mg once in a day for adults.

How to take: If you are taking probiotics in the morning, drink water first to dilute the acidic environment of the stomach so that the bacteria may survive.

List of healthy gut supplements:

This list is of supplements for healing leaky gut, and it elaborates the best times to take them along with the amount and frequency of dose. The method of how to take supplements has also been described.

Digestive enzymes:

Digestive enzymes help to improve digestion and reduce the size of particles. The collision with large particles on the wall of the intestine will decrease, and inflammation will heal. Thus, they help in healing the intestine. The assimilation of nutrients from gut-healing foods also improves.

Timing: The best time to take digestive enzymes is before food, specifically 30 mins before any meal.

Amount: 1-2 capsules of good quality digestive enzyme product are required for adults.

How to take: If you take the specific digestive enzymes for the specified food, it will boost efficiency.


Zinc is one of the must-have supplements because boosts the integrity of the intestinal walls. That is why it is needed to decrease the intestinal permeability during the leaky gut syndrome. It is a gut-healing supplement which must be taken to get rid of the leaky gut syndrome as soon as possible.

Timing: zinc supplements are best taken when you take either 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after the meal. An empty stomach is better for zinc supplements but if zinc supplements irritate your empty stomach then take it with a meal. You should not forget to consult your pharmacist if you are taking zinc with a meal.

Amount: 15-30 mg daily dose of zinc is enough for an adult human.

How to take: Take it empty stomach to avoid reactions. Never take it with milk, calcium supplements or anything with calcium in it because it would vigorously react with calcium.

Vitamin D2 50000

Vitamin D2 50000 is one of the best supplements for leaky gut as it helps in maintaining the balance of good gut bacteria. Thus, they help in curing the leaky gut. It reduces inflammation and prevents gut infection. Furthermore, it relieves the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder by leaky gut.

Timing: Take is with the largest meal of the day because it would be absorbed maximum in this case.

Amount: 50000 IU per week is recommended for 6-8 weeks. Do not use it too much because it can be toxic.

How to take: Taking it with milk is best because milk has calcium which is locked by D2.

Marshmallow root

It is high mucilage supplements which help to soothe the gut lining, that is why it helps to heal the gut lining. It is frequently used in ulcers and inflammation because it heals them. Marshmallow root is one of the healthy gut supplements for bruising.

Timing: It coats the lining of gut so you should take it on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you may reduce the absorption of food or medications.

Amount: 6g of Marshmallow root per day is enough to heal the gut lining.

How to take: You should not use it continuously for more than four weeks. Take a break of at least a week before resuming the use.


The Glutamine for gut health is an essential amino acid. It is one of the leaky gut treatment supplements for bruising because it treats the inflammations in the lining of the gut quite efficiently. In addition to this, it boosts the immune system and helps to strengthen the digestive health. The best thing is that this amino acid is great to heal the damaged lining of the gut when one is suffering from leaky gut.

Timing: It is best to take it on an empty stomach if you are taking it in tablet formulation. The powdered form of L-glutamine for leaky gut can be taken with soft foods like pudding.

L Glutamine dosage for leaky gut: 3-5 grams per day is a standard dose of L-glutamine for the leaky gut syndrome.

How to take: Take only the powder form with soft foods.

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

It is an example of supplements which help to increase the protein digestion in the stomach. This type of best gut supplements helps increase the acidity of the stomach. They help to increase the breakdown of nutrients in the form of amino acids so the assimilation of nutrients increases in the gut. In addition to this, this supplement assists the absorption of minerals and vitamins like B12.

Timing: Take betaine HCl capsules at the beginning of the meals.

Amount: Take 1-2 capsules daily.

How to take: Take the capsules closed. Do not open or chew the capsule. Take the pharmacists advice if you are pregnant or are taking medications for other medical conditions.


Collagen is a component of the structure of our body. It is naturally found in the areas which make the tissue structures of the body. The use of collagen as a gut health supplement is important because it helps to improve the inflammation in the gut lining.

As it makes the tissues so ultimately it heals the inflammation and help to strengthen the gut lining. The major sources of collagen are eggs and meat. We can renew the lining of the gut by recovering the inflammation in tissue of the gut lining with the help of collagen supplements.

Timing:  you can take collagen supplements at any time.

Amount: The studies recommend the amount of 2.5-10 g per day. The supplement productions companies claim that 30 g per day is also good. The toxicity can consequently cause many skin complications.

How to take: there is no specific direction to take it with or without a meal. But one should be careful not to take too much collagen.

Are supplements good for health?

After going through the details of the above best supplements for leaky gut, it should be evident that the best gut supplements support the healing of the gut in several ways. Some help in digestion and they are great to keep gut free from harsh collisions. Some renew the damaged tissues. Supplements for a leaky gut help to maintain gut flora. Some add gut flora. The supplements help to maintain gut health in conclusion.

Are supplements bad for health?

Everything is toxic beyond a certain level. So even if these gut health supplements would be taken in more quantity then the recommended dose, they will create several complications in the body. The complications range from mild to lethal ones. It is the truth about supplements.

In addition to this factor, another factor which makes these supplements dangerous is taking it with other medications without consulting pharmacist. Certain supplements have contraindications with other medications and foods which can be dangerous.

Moreover, a nursing mother or a pregnant woman should also consult the health care professional before taking any of these supplements.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner along with leaky gut treatment supplements:

Take berries, oatmeal, eggs and nut in the breakfast.

Take garlic, potatoes, salmon and Kale in the lunch.

You can add foods like fermented veggies and soy to dinner.

Moreover, the best probiotic diet plan includes yoghurt, cheese and pickles.


The truth about supplements is that they help to make the recovery process of leaky gut syndrome quite fast. The complications are reduced. Nutritional deficiencies are met by these leaky gut supplements, and it improves the immune system and digestive health of individuals. Proper time is there for each supplement when it is most beneficial so it should be taken at that time. The right quantity of leaky gut supplements is critical to make most of it. If it is less, you will not get the benefit. If the quantity is more, it might create toxic effects. Every supplement comes with a set of directions which must be kept in mind to get most of it.

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