The 10 Best Gut Healing Supplements and Probiotics

Why do we need to talk about supplements for leaky gut?

If we search out the web, we will get flooded information about leaky gut treatment supplements. The question arises, that how can a layman know which are the right and best supplements for leaky gut? Gut healing supplements have certain characteristics that the self-proclaimed nutritionist on news websites are not even aware of. They label every random supplement as leaky gut supplements. This confuses the readers and they find it difficult to get the right supplements for a leaky gut.

Seeing our audience face such an issue, we find it necessary to guide them about leaky gut supplements. So that they may not get misguided by the articles claiming revolutionary treatments without any effectiveness in reality.

Why supplements are helpful in healing leaky gut?

Supplements for leaky gut provide the necessary nutrients which are deficient in the diet of an individual. Supplements for healing leaky gut have special nutrients that heal the inflammation in the internal lining of the gut, thus they help in relieving the symptoms of leaky gut.

Does magnesium make you poop?

Magnesium is a stool softener so it surely helps in the increase in gut motility. This helps to relieve constipation and make the stools easy to pass. So, the answer to the ‘does magnesium make you poop’ is yes.

How to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to heal leaky gut syndrome fast? The answer is that our diet should be the primary source of nutrients but in cases when the diet fails to fulfill body requirements, we may take leaky gut treatment supplements. Gut healing supplements are a faster way to get nutrients in bulk. This aids the gut lining in fast recovery.

Types of supplements:

Gut health supplements can be divided into three main categories based on their function:

1: Supplements which aid in digestion:

The supplements which aid in digestion are a part of leaky gut healing supplements. The supplements that aid in digestion relieves bloating, treat infrequent bowel movements and help in the regulation of motility of the gut. Thus, these are categorized as healthy gut supplements.

Better digestion of food helps in absorbing most of the nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, etc. Better digestion makes sure that no large particles are left which may block the gut. This reduces the chance of collision of large particles against the lining of the gut and damaging it which leads to inflammation. In this way, the lining of the gut is kept away from damage. Thus, these supplements heal the gut inflammation and we may call them leaky gut healing supplements.

2: Supplements which aid intestinal lining

Gut health supplements includes all the supplements which make gut lining strong. Thus, they help to reduce the chances of damage to the lining and in this way, intestinal permeability is decreased. The toxins in our gut do not enter our blood and we stay safe from many bad immune reactions they may have initiated.

Supplements for healing gut lining include the supplements which support the lining by providing it the required nutrients to heal and form protective covers. Thus, they help to keep our blood purified and intestine intact.

3: Supplements which nurture our natural flora, aka microbiome:

Bacteria in our gut are very essential for our gut health and they help to maintain the yeast balance in our gut. There are two ways by which we may flourish our gut bacteria, by eating more of them (Probiotic rich foods) and by eating more of their food (Prebiotics).

Top 8 Supplements for a Leaky Gut:

The truth about supplements is that they heal the gut more quickly than the proper diet because they have the right nutrient in such a form that the body can absorb most of it. These supplements are great in promoting the reduction in symptoms of leaky gut. This article will keep focusing on revealing the truth of supplements so that the patients may not have to suffer finding the right supplements.

1. L-Glutamine leaky gut

Glutamine for gut health is one of the must-have supplements for healing leaky gut. L- glutamine leaky gut is an amino acid that is necessary to cure the lining damage in the intestine by the leaky gut syndrome. Along with an important component of the immune system, we take glutamine for gut health because it is essential for digestive health too. This is one of the supplements for bruising in the gut.

When to take glutamine in powder form?

You may take glutamine with snacks or meals if it is in powder form.

When to take glutamine in tablet form?

For tablet form glutamine, it is better if taken on an empty stomach. You may take them before or after work out.

What is L glutamine dosage leaky gut?

L glutamine dosage leaky gut is 3-5 grams a day.

2. Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

This is an example of supplements that are helpful in increasing acidity to aid protein digestion. Thus, they help in the proper utilization of nutrients in the form of amino acids. They assist the absorption of minerals and vitamins like B12.

3. Marshmallow Root

This is a high mucilage supplement that heals the ulcers and inflammations in the stomach and intestine. It is a multi-purpose supplement. This is an important supplement for leaky gut. It helps in healing the lining of the gut.

4. Caprylic Acid and/or Candisol

This is present in coconut oil. It acts as natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It helps especially in candida fungus caused leaky gut. This is an important supplement to get that healed. Digestive Enzymes

It is one of the best supplements for leaky gut. That is why we include it in must-have supplements for leaky gut. They help in utilizing all the nutrients in food by properly breaking it down. Moreover, they are helpful in increasing the bowel movements of the intestine.

5. Zinc

When there is deficiency of zinc in a person, the integrity of the intestinal walls is affected. To increase that, zinc supplement is essential. Deficiency of zinc leads to Crohn’s disease which increases the permeability of intestine which results in tightened leaky gut.

6. Vitamin D 50000

Vitamin D 50000 is helpful in fighting leaky gut because this vitamin has properties of keeping the gut bacteria balanced. This is also an important supplement to reduce inflammation and prevent infection in the gut. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of autoimmune disorders. Slippery Elm

It has a weird name but its s a really important supplement. This is an example of supplements which make the nerve endings secrete more mucous. Thus, it is one of the supplements for bruising because it protects the lining of the intestine against damage. This boosts the healing process of the leaky gut.

7. De-glycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)

It is produced by removing glycyrrhizin from licorice by processing so that this supplement may not elevate the blood pressure. This is the gut healing supplement that works by supporting the natural mechanisms of the body to stimulate more mucous production to protect the lining of the walls of the intestine.

8. Dr berg supplements

Many supplements are available under the brand of Dr berg supplements. These include the general immunity kit and digest formulas. One of the specialized leaky gut supplements is vitamin C supplement by Dr berg. This is helpful because according to Dr berg, leaky gut is the scurvy of the intestine which can be cured by vitamin C.

How to take supplements?

Each supplement has different directions for use so follow them to know how to take supplements. The directions vary in time, dose, and frequency. Some are to be taken with food while others have to be taken on an empty stomach.

Natural gut healing supplements:

  • Snake oil supplements

This is a traditional Chinese medicine which is based on oils and fats extracted from the water snake. It helps to improve the gut bacteria and act as a great supplement to balance them. We should take snake oil supplements to heal the leaky gut.

  • Collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in our body that makes the tissue structures in the body. Taking it in the form of a supplement to improve the inflammation in the gut lining can be helpful. It relieves the inflammation and helps to strengthen the gut lining. We can gain it from eggs and meat. Collagen helps to renew the lining of the gut by recovering the inflammation in the tissue of the gut lining.

  • Fish oil

Fish oil provides omega 3 fats which are helpful in reducing inflammations I n the body. It is natural anti-inflammatory oil. It helps to boost the recovery from the leaky gut syndrome.

  • Aloe vera

This is a natural juice which helps to relieve heartburn and inflammation. It is helpful to treat constipation and toxicity. Moreover, this act as a gut healing supplement because it has a property of booming the gut bacteria growth.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint has several essential oils which are helpful to heal the pain in the gut. It is a supplement which contains fibers which are great to improve the gut bacteria.

  • Cardamom

It is a great natural drug which is from the ginger family. It has multiple positive effects on the digestive system that is why it is helpful in leaky gut syndrome.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a plant which has anti-inflammatory properties. This is helpful in the leaky gut because it contracts the proteins in the lining of the intestine and thus, decreases its permeability. It is a great supplement for leaky gut.

  • Colostrum

The breast milk of the mother contains the bacteria which establish and bloom in the gut of the newborn. This is essential for the gut health of the newborn. A newborn must be breast-fed.

  • Thyme

It is an essential oil that is great for gut health. It maintains the balance of bacteria in gut and thus it helps in treating the overgrowth of bacteria in the intestine. Also provides protection to the gut bacteria.

How long to heal leaky gut?

Most studies indicate 12 weeks or more are required for a gut lining to heal. But it can be prolonged or decreased if gut healing foods are not being used. The healing is not linear. There will be days when you will feel fine but later you may feel nothing has been cured. The key is to stick with precautions and maintain a diet with the best foods for leaky gut. So there is no definite answer to ‘how long to heal leaky gut’.

What are the signs leaky gut is healing?

The signs leaky gut is healing include reduced bloating, better bowel movements, and improved mood. The sugar cravings also decrease. The stress is relieved and you feel energized.

Supplements for Kids

The supplements which are helpful to improve the gut of the kids should be available in the chewable or syrup formulations that a kid can eat easily. The most important supplement for kids is fiber so that their gut bacteria have the best to consume

Supplements for women

These are the specialized supplements according to the needs of the women’s body and gut. The women should have De-glycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) if they are pregnant, breast-feeding, have high blood pressure, or suffer from kidney or liver dysfunction. Otherwise, the licorice roots are best.

Moreover, women should be very careful about the nutrients in their bodies because they lose most of them in the monthly cycle and during pregnancy. They should be careful because this loss, if not cured on time, leads to leaky gut. Many women complain of acquiring a leaky gut after childbirth.

Supplements for men

De-glycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) should be preferred if the man suffers from high blood pressure or liver or kidney dysfunction. Moreover, specifically, ra enzymes are good for men’s digestive system health.

Why We Need Probiotics For Leaky Gut?

Probiotics for leaky gut are the bacteria that are necessary for our gut health. They are termed as good gut bacteria. Best gut probiotics are involves in healing the gut by several processes. These bacteria naturally live in our gut and they are necessary for normal gut functioning. They are called gut flora or micro biome.

Prebiotics are the supplements which are given to strengthen the gut bacteria and help to maintain and grow their number. A specific number of needed in the gut. If they exceed, it also leads to several complications.

Types of probiotics

The best probiotic for gut health consists of the following bacterial species.

Lactobacillus specie:

The bacteria of this specie can be regards as best probiotic for leaky gut on the basis of their quality of limiting the growth of bad bacteria these bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid which acts on the bad bacteria populations. The specie is also involved in strengthening muscles by putting more minerals in them. These are regards as best probiotic supplement because they increase the muscle fuel.

Bifidobacterial specie:

This is the specie of probiotics which is most commonly found in food and the supplements which we take for leaky gut. They commonly have the functions of supporting the immune system to help to heal the inflammations. The probiotics of this specie are involved in removing the harmful bacteria from the gut. They are regards as the best probiotic for leaky gut on this basis.

 Probiotics for leaky gut:

Out of these two species, their 6 strains are helpful in healing the gut by acting as the best probiotic for gut health. Probiotic strains are the genus arising from the species. The commonly used 6 best gut probiotics are 4 from bifidobacterial specie and 2 from lactobacillus specie.

On food supplement labels, the bacteria are listed as L. and B. in an abbreviated form like B. animals, etc.

1. Acidophilus:

this is one of the best probiotic for women because of its application in vaginal health. It helps to fight the infection in the vagina. Moreover,, this is the best probiotic foods for the leaky gut because it helps in digestion. The strain is commonly found in yogurt and fermented soy products.

2. Reuteri:

This is the bacterial strain which must be present in our mouth otherwise our teeth will decay. Its function in our intestine is consider of digestion.

3. Breve:

This is the bacteria which is good for both the digestive health and vaginal health. It is the best probiotic supplement because it helps to fight the infection. Due to this quality it is the best probiotic leaky gut as it eradicates the infection in the gut lining and it is also the best probiotic for candida fungus. Moreover, another quality of this strain which makes it one of the best probiotics leaky gut is that it helps to absorb most of the nutrients by fermenting sugars thus, it heals the deficiency of nutrients. It is also the best probiotics leaky gut due to the ability to make the plant fiber digestible. It is one of the best probiotic for women because of its vaginal health properties.

4. Animals:

This is the probiotic strain that can be regarded as the best probiotic leaky gut on the basis of its quality to fight the toxic bacteria which comes to gut along with food. Moreover, this best probiotic leaky gut helps in digestion which ultimately is good for gut health. Moreover, it is one of the high quality probiotics which help in boosting the immune system.

5. Longum:

As compared to other strains, it is rather a high quality probiotics. It is helpful in the digestion of the carbohydrates and prevents bloating. Moreover, it also acts as an antioxidant.

6. Lactis:

This strain of the probiotics is obtained from raw milk. It is one of the best probiotics food for infants that is why it is found in infant food formulas. It is fount in the buttermilk and the cheese. That is why we should have these in our probiotic diet plan.

How many billion probiotics should I take?

One can know how many probiotics should I take by assuming that 1 probiotic should be enough to provide 1 billion CFU. So, the recommended dose of probiotics is 1 billion to 10 billion CFU in several days of the week. Probiotics for candida should be 5 billion CFU. High dose probiotics should be taken in diseases only.

Natural Probiotics

These bacterial strains are mostly gained from natural products. The list is as follows:

Fermented milk products:

These include cheese and yogurt. These products are best prebiotic and probiotic supplements. The probiotic strains in these products belong from lactobacillus specie. They are great for digestion and thus they are best probiotics leaky gut.

Fermented non-dairy milk:

The almond milk, soy milk and rice milk can also be fermented and used as probiotics supplements. These products are lactose free.

Fermented vegetable products:

Products like miso and pickles are created by fermenting vegetables. They are regards as best prebiotic and probiotic supplements for the wide range of strains they have in them. these are also best prebiotic supplements for women because they have vaginal probiotic strains.

Other sources:

Probiotic diet plan should also have natto, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and tempeh because these are probiotics for candida and gut.

Are probiotics safe?

This is a great concern for patients, are probiotics safe? The answer is yes. They should be taken in the recommended dosage and they would not cause any harm in that case.

Are probiotics good for you?

Yes, probiotics are good for you because they fight the harmful bacteria in the gut. They heal the inflammations and help to recover from leaky gut. They are great in eradicating the root cause of the gut issues.

Famous Brands of Probiotics

Dr Axe Probiotics:

This is a famous brand which has probiotics under the name Dr Axe Probiotics which are quite helpful in leaky gut and other probiotics deficiency related issues. Dr Axe Probiotic is regards as one of the leading brands in the supplements. Physicians recommend using Dr Axe Probiotic for gut healing in leaky gut as it is the best probiotic brand for leaky gut.

GNC women’s probiotics:

GNC women’s probiotics is the best probiotic supplement for women. If we talk about GNC probiotics review, most of the GNC probiotics review are positive. It is also the best probiotic brand for leaky gut.

Best probiotic supplement consumer report:

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics is currently best probiotic supplement consumer report.

Probiotics vs supplements

Probiotics are helpful in healing the gut faster than other supplements because they eradicate the root cause of the leaky gut. They produce the deficient protein which helps to recover from leaky gut. The probiotics and supplements both should be taken in good quantities. So, we can maintain the gut health and relieve the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

Probiotics for men, women and children

Studies have shown that men and women show different responses to probiotic specie. As we read about the use of the probiotic in vagina, it is clear that women need more probiotics than men. There is a specific probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus which aids the weight loss in women but not in men. Similarly, many other strains have shown gender specific actions but we need further studies to issue statements about them.

Many companies for these reasons release different formulations for men and women based on these studies. Similarly, the probiotics for infants and children are in specific formulations.


The gut healing is a matter of concern for the individuals facing the leaky gut issues because the toxins reach the blood in leaky gut. The toxins initiate immune responses which make the patient face worse consequences in the form of autoimmune disease. The patient is, therefore, interested in healing the leaky gut as soon as possible.

The proper and healthy diet is no doubt helpful in healing the gut but the issue is that it heals quite slow. Moreover, if the digestion is improper, then the absorption of nutrients is difficult. Thus, there would be no use of eating nutrient rich diet if it cannot be assimilated by the body. In this scenario, supplements come to our rescue. They help to resolve the issues which the nutrient rich diet cannot.

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