Why Do We Need Leaky Gut Supplements

Are you concerned about the safety of supplements? Let us guide you about the safety of supplements. Supplements are consumed massively around the words. Their use has increased rapidly in the last decades due to commercial advertisements and the popular notion that they are safe. It is weird how many of us do not even think before taking any supplement, although we should be as careful as we are while taking medications. Supplements can also have side effects ad toxic effects as medicines. That is why we need to be careful.

Are supplements good for health or not?

The answer to this question depends. We should always take supplements if they will more beneficial to us than side effects. If a supplement is necessary to recover from a disease or to protect oneself from disease, we may take it, ignoring the minor side effects. When we need a nutrient in a very large quantity in a short time, supplements are preferred because diet cannot fulfill the need in a short time.

Several aspects should be considered while taking supplements. The very first concern should be that they are needed or not. If the deficient nutrient or supplement ingredient can be provided to the body with diet and food, we should avoid taking supplements. Secondly, we should always take supplements after consulting a healthcare professional. We should ask whether it would be good for us or not. We should ask them about the right dose according to our age, weight, and symptoms. Never self-prescribe a supplement. It can be lethal as well. You can even end up being in the emergency room.

We should take special care while taking steroids. It has been proven that steroids’ regular intake leads to increased chances of liver cancer. To avoid any such case, do follow the above safety tips.

Are supplements replacement of diet?

Supplements can never be the replacement of dietary nutrients. Scientific studies have proved this multiple times that the nutrients which are assimilated from diet perform better in our body. Nutrients from food provide the highest efficiency and energy in the body. We should never replace a balanced and healthy diet with supplements. Supplements have the primary purpose of helping you cover the deficiency of nutrients in which a balanced diet cannot be provided in a short period. Supplements aid the balanced diet to fulfill the body’s needs, instead of replacing them.

There is a popular myth that supplements can reduce the risk of death. But it is untrue. It has been spread by commercial sellers of supplements. The nutrients which come from supplements are not good enough t0 serve this purpose. Scientific evidence suggests that nutrients assimilated from a balanced diet can help to lower the risk of death, not supplements.

why do we need leaky gut supplements

Why do we need leaky gut supplements?

We need supplements in the leaky gut because the diet is insufficient to provide us the nutrients required to heal the gut. Furthermore, the gut cannot properly digest the diet without supplements of digestive enzymes. This makes it difficult to depend on the only diet for the recovery from a leaky gut. Thus, we take supplements to aid diet and to boost the recovery process. Let us discuss the safety of some important supplements.


Zinc is an important trace element that is great for leaky gut. It helps to heal the gut by reducing the inflammation. The integrity of the lining of gut walls decreases rapidly in leaky gut. The permeability increases for this reason. Zinc is great for increasing the integrity of the gut lining to decrease intestinal permeability. It helps to promote the number of tight junctions in the intestine to heal the gut.

Zinc is great for the immunity of the body. It boosts immunity, which also aids in gut health as well. The other benefits of zinc include that it is good for the eyes. But everything is good in limits. As we mentioned earlier that it is required in trace amounts in the body, so we should never take it more than 15 mg daily. Zinc toxicity is a severe condition that can cause nausea and vomiting. On more prolonged usage, it can cause kidney damage, which is lethal as well. So always take zinc with proper precaution and dose.


L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that must be taken while suffering from leaky gut syndrome. It helps to build up the integrity in the walls of the intestine. It helps to build up the tight junctions in the intestinal walls, which are lost because of the leaky gut syndrome.

L-glutamine should be taken in a dose of 1.5-2 grams. Growing adults and children should avoid taking L-glutamine. It is also not recommended for pregnant women. Moreover, it has side effects like itching and headache, which should be considered while taking this supplement. Always take it in a safe quantity.


Probiotics are an essential part of leaky gut treatment. The dose recommended for probiotics is 10 billion CFU per day. We should not take more than this dose. We can also take foods that provide probiotics, but for rapid recovery, supplements are necessary. The probiotic brands which offer variety in bacterial strains should be preferred. Taking good gut bacteria help us to limit the growth of harmful bacteria in our gut. The side effects of Probiotics are bloating and gas issues, which should be considered. Always take probiotics after consulting healthcare professionals, because they can guide you well that which strains are required for your health. Follow the precautions.


Supplements should not be taken to replace a well-balanced diet. They help to aid the diet in fulfilling the body requirements. We should always look for safety profiles of supplements before taking them. To determine the exact dose, it is still best to consult your doctor. You should not get fooled in the name of natural supplements because they can also be unsafe and lethal if taken beyond the limit. So, take supplements only in that dose, which you cannot take by diet.

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